Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A little Blog Candy...

*This contest is now closed! Result will we posted tomorrow!

My first Blog Candy giveaway is in honor of my mother, Julie Higginbotham. She was a wonderful mother. And, as I became an adult and parent myself, my best friend. My mom loved supported me unconditionally, but was also there to give me a kick in the behind when I needed it. :) She was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 35, and fought it with everything she had until she passed away in September 2007, at 48. It was a bittersweet year for me, as I married Travis July 6, 2007 and her birthday is July 7th.

During the year leading up to my wedding, my mom suffered complete kidney failure, and was on dialysis. She spent most of the year in and out of the hospital, but was DETERMINED to walk down the aisle at my wedding. She did, and she looked stunning. But that was my mom. Nothing could stop her once she put her mind to something. When I started scrapbooking and paper crafting about 5 years ago, she was right there with me. She would go out and buy stuff all the time. It wasn't until after she passed away that I found out how much...lol

Which brings me to the Candy. This is a collection of a little bit of the stuff my mom left. She was a VERY generous person, and would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. Most of this stuff she bought in triplicate, so I still have a lot for myself. She would love that I am giving it to a fellow papercrafter that would put it to good use. I tried to group it so that it coordinated a little, and I added a few things! To enter the drawing, all you have to do is comment on this post, or follow my blog. The contest will close on July 7th, at 8:00 p.m. Central. I'm so very sorry, but I can't ship overseas.

The Candy!

My beautiful Mom. She would be the 50 this year! :)

Good Luck! :)

* I have been thinking a lot about the fun and special times I had with my mom. If you would like, leave a comment about a special memory you have of your mother, or of your children (if you have them!) Thanks!


  1. Gl with you contest Tiffany! The Candy looks awesome!

  2. Love the story of your mom...very touching. I can relate with my mom too. She has had quite the ride of her life with health over the past few years. And is still hanging in there. What wonderful ladies they ARE! Her anniversary happens to be 7/7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and would enjoy winning the candy to celebrate. jerryb17011@yahoo.com

  3. I loved when your Mom would come in the daycare and tell us about her day and about the girls.. Or when she would join in the fun that we had with the kids... I really loved it when everytime I was at Wal-Mart there was Julie with the kids shopping. (she loved to shop) I miss seeing her at the store.. I always enjoyed having her around..

    This Fathers day was the third one with out my Dad. It gets better every year.. But i'll always miss him

  4. Love the story of your mom, a great mom I think. Thanks for sharing thoses memories and this beautiful stuff. Fingers crossed :)

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  6. Amazing the story of your mom
    Thanks for the blog candy and the chance to win!I don´t have a blog yet... but this is my email: mecheche@gmail.comHugs,Meche

  7. How fabulous that your Mom enjoyed papercrafting with you! A touching story, thanks for sharing. What a nice idea to offer candy in her honour!

    Shanna :)

  8. I loved reading about your mom. I'm glad that you had a hobby that you shared together, how nice that you are sharing her goodies. :) You have a great blog - so glad I've discovered it! :)